In this Paradise for Textile Artisans you will find

a Firework of Fibers and Colors!

Needlework, Embroidery, Quilting, Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Felting, Lacemaking, Passamentery and every other textile technique has always been waiting for the diversity of the Painters Threads Collection.

The special effects you can achieve by individually gradiating colors and the fairylike shadings of the Painters Pastels, fascinate needle workers around the globe.

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Please note: please take the representation of our colors as a guide only. Every single item is unique.
Different screens also show different colors.
Let yourself be surprised and look forward to your very own individual material.

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Our warehouse is teeming of Silkcotton and more delicacies. FabricsSilk Wastes, laundry buttons - nothing is safe from our craving for coloring things.
Because of the unique „Painters" dyeing technique all colors match beautifully, not one color is envious of the other's expression.
It is to the opposite: all are melting into new gorgeous compositions of colors.

Wether you stitch, knit, crochet or make laces. Wether you are just beginning or have done so for a long time:

The materials of this unusual collection will always stay in your mind.

The special color technique, which we have developed for the threads, recalls the "dot painting" of early impressionist painters.

With just a few stitches you can create surfaces with smoothly running colors without a recurring pattern.

World known textile Artists can no longer leave our materials alone: Judith Baker Montano (quote: the most natural variegated colors, ever!), Sue SpargoWooly Ladies or threadstudio Dale from threadstudio down under use our threads for traditional techniques as well as for their fascinating works of art.

A word on fair trading: Even though we do not live in a country, where women rarely have a chance to make a living for themselves or a family, we do all we can to do fair trading:

With our products and our training schemes we help women to make at least part of a living for themselves or their families in Germany and many other countries in the world.

Raw materials for our products are mainly bought from small family owned companies that have a long tradition.