Needles with a blunt tip or sharp pointed, long needles, thin needles, curved needles. Everything in perfect quality and without harmful side effects. Your important accessory for your next needlework project!

Size of Needle: the higher the number, the finer the needle

Type of Needle: 
As a rule, it depends on the strength of your working thread

Needle eye must be so large that the thread is easy to thread
There must be some room to move the thread in the eye
The hole the needle prepares in the fabric should be so large that the thread can be pulled through easily without touching the fabric intensively

and the chosen stitching technique

counted thread techniques: needle with blunt tip 
surface embroidery techniques: needle with sharp pointed tip

Shape of Needle

straight shape: eye is just as wide as the needle
Oval shape: eye is wider than the needle 

Shape of Eye of the Needle

straight: oblong and evenly wide
oval: thickens towards center, narrows towards the tip
circular: well, just circular ...

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